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Advanced Architect execution data capabilities

Announced on Effective date
2024-04-01 -

In a future release, Genesys Cloud will improve historical execution data capabilities and expand the feature to call, email, and message flows, in addition to bot flows and digital bot flows. These new options give users more granular control over how they use historical execution data and enables them to better understand user journeys and improve and troubleshoot their flows. Users can turn the data storage on or off and choose from the following four different data levels:

  • Base: understand high-level user journeys through actions and navigated menus, errors, and events.
  • Notes: troubleshoot flows using variable values, which also encompasses the Base level.
  • Verbose Notes: understand conversation content with communication values, inclusive of the Notes level.
  • All: troubleshoot by leveraging action input and output values, which includes the Verbose Notes level.

With this release, historical execution data will count toward an organization’s data storage limit under the Genesys Cloud fair use policy. For more information, see Genesys Cloud fair use policy.

To avoid unexpected charges, execution data storage will be off by default. Organizations must turn on this feature to use it, and they must republish flows to save execution data.

Administrators and developers can access historical flow execution data via tools such as the Genesys Cloud Platform API (flows instance endpoints), Architect replay mode, Architect flow insights, Journey Management, and the notifications service. For more information, see the Announcing Advanced Architect Execution Data and Replay Mode! community post.